Brand Identity

Lead & Creative Direction

Rob Svenšek

Art Direction & Design

Matej Ferlič

Powering the future of finance

MRGN Research


MRGN Research is a leading Web3 proprietary trading firm specialising in providing liquidity and quantitative trading across multiple blockchains. After the brand discovery workshop we figured the identity has to express their technical expertise and problem solving attitude, appear trustworthy, connect well with Web3 concept, and in the end, has to look super dope on a t-shirt and connect well with the employees, attracting new talents to the team.


Me and Rob first delved into the world of MRGN Research. We researched everything from code (learning about C++ programming language among other things), history of coding and its aesthetics, trading, extracted the core of what Web3 is and how it works, researched the competition ... so we could work with something that speaks to MRGN Research and its target audience.


The logo was derived from C++ language, symbolising data exchange (input and output) and transformation, which connects well with what MRGN Research does. The typeface and colours were inspired by aesthetics of Code Page 437, the original IBM PC system font, and command line aesthetics. That connects well with the technical aspect of what they do, and also provides a little bit of edge into any layout, providing the identity expresses their risk taking attitude. The graphic system is assembled out of individual modular Code Page 437 characters. We can illustrate with them manually, or computer-generate more complex illustrations from an image. The modular elements connect well with Order book—a tool that is used on daily basis by Web3 trading companies. The identity is very flexible, allowing us to use it very subtly or push the boundaries of aesthetics with it.

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