Visual identity, event indetities, covers..., 2020

Urbana Scena Ljubljana is a movement community that focuses on hip hop freestyle dance styles and other activities like yoga, ballet, movement etc. Their intention is to create a creative space where young dancers, visual artists and musicians would learn and evolve individually. They offer a number of different dance classes, which are done by highly skilled mentors.

As the founders of Urbana Scena Ljubljana admire samurai attitude in the battles and their clothing, we decided to build the logo based on Japanese minimalism, that is well presented in their regional flags. The logo represents the founders hand sign of the group, which is used in hip hop dance battles and competitions as a crew identification. The logo has two sides – in the original we can see a stylized heart, but if we turn it around, we can see a “samurai mask”. The whole visual identity is based on hip hop x samurai style, that expresses fun yet serious character.